Diploma in Information Technology

Cao đẳng UCSI
Chứng chỉ
Cao Đẳng
Các hình thức học tập
Thời gian học
28 months
Kỳ nhập học
Tháng 1 Tháng 5 Tháng 9
Total tuition fee (local)
₫ 144,687,075
Total tuition fee (foreign)
₫ 160,389,287

Yêu cầu đầu vào

  • 3 credits in any subject (including Mathematics) in SPM/ SPMV
  • 2.00 CGP Certificate in Computer Studies (Level 3 KKM)
  • Relevant and approved Technical or Vocational Certificate (Level 3 KKM) or equivalents, 
  • 1 year relevant working experience or 1 semester of preparatory programme 
  • Other equivalent qualifications recognised by Malaysian Government (including a pass in English at SPM), (students without credit in English need to complete the English Language Proficiency Course in UCSI College) 
  • Completed relevant certificate programme from recognised institutions 
  • Other equivalent qualification recognised by Malaysian Government 

Chương trình đào tạo

Level 1

  • Information Technology and Computer System 
  • Introduction to Database System 
  • Java Programming 1 & 2 
  • Business Skills for e-Commerce 
  • System Analysis and Design 
  • English : Reading and Writing Skills 
  • English: Listening and Speaking Skills 
  • Data Structure and Algorithms 
  • Discrete Mathematics 
  • Management in IT 

Level 2 

  • Internet Technologies 
  • Managing & Implementing Business Project 
  • Academy English 
  • Networking Technologies 
  • Object Oriented Modelling 
  • English for IT 
  • Employability and Professional Development 
  • IT Virtualisation 
  • Industrial Placement 

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