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Đại học Askham Bryan

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Về Đại học Askham Bryan

Askham Bryan là một nơi tuyệt vời để học tập. Chương trình đào tạo Nghề sẽ cung cấp cho bạn những kỹ năng và kiến thức chuyên sâu. Là một cá nhân, bạn sẽ để lại với một khát vọng và động lực để thành công. Nhờ vào đội ngũ nhân viên hiểu biết và nhiệt tình, trường sẽ truyền tải những nền tảng tốt nhất có thể để bẹn tiến tới một sự nghiệp liên quan và thành đạt hoặc bậc học cao hơn.

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These are some of the best years of your education, so make the most of the time you’re not in the lectures! There’s always something going on at Askham Bryan College, whether you want to try your hand at archery, get fit at Zumba or join our growing selection of clubs and societies. You can even enjoy free bus trips out to bowling, shopping, or to the cinema. We also run specialised trips such as ice skating, culture tours of York and to local sporting facilities, organised by the Student Experience Team and run by the College Wardens.

For sportsmen and women there’s no shortage of sports to take part in, with regular fixtures and the opportunity to compete and represent the College in a broad range of sports. The on-site College gym and climbing wall are also available for students to use and fitness classes take place regularly throughout the week.

Our Students' Union representatives are always on hand to listen to new ideas, questions, comments and concerns and to ensure that you, as a student, can get the best out of college life. For students of any age the Bar is a central hub of activity, with a wide range of activities to take part in, from quiz and film nights to regular discos and much, much more!  You will automatically become a member of Askham Bryan’s Students' Union and gain access to the NUS which offers great student deals in food, fashion and entertainments.

The student experience is a big part of college life and the more you get involved the better off you’ll be. Joining sports and societies is a great way to enhance your skills, ideal for building your CV and above all to meet new people and grow in confidence.

The College and its campuses are easily accessible by train, car or bus – a free bus service brings students to the College from many areas.

Chỗ ở

Living on campus will give you a wealth of opportunities, both socially and educationally, to ensure your experience at Askham Bryan College is one you'll never forget! However, starting at college can be a bit of a daunting experience and we know that living in Halls is an integral part of your campus experience. This is why we provide a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

Residental Accommodation is available at our York and Penrith campuses, the information on this website relates to accommodation at our York Campus only, here we have facilities to accommodate both FE and HE students. Visit the Newton Rigg website for information about their accommodation. Please note that we do not offer accommodation at any of our other centres.

Living at our York Campus puts you right at the heart of college life. There is a good mix of rooms, some with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, some en suite rooms with a shared snack kitchen and a small number of self-catering rooms with shared bathroom facilities. We also have a number of off site houses within York; managed by the College these offer those students over 18 a more independent experience than living on campus.

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