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Bridgwater, Vương Quốc Anh
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  • Là nhận huy hiệu Beacon về giảng dạy và đào tạo
  • Được chứng nhận chất lượng xuất sắc bởi Ofsted
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Thông tin về khu học xá

The Bridgwater College main campus is located near the centre of Bridgwater with a separate large study centre in nearby Cannington as well as outreach centres in Paignton and Yeovil. Each of our centres offers fantastic facilities for the specific areas of study on offer.

Our main campus, located on Bath Road is very accessible; just three miles from the M5 between the junctions for Taunton and Burnham on Sea; it is also just a mile from Bridgwater train station which is on the main line from Bristol to Exeter.

Some of the facilities include the Automotive Centre, Childcare Centre, College Shops, Common rooms, a choice of restaurants and coffee shops, fantastic Computer Network, Construction Centre, Energy Skills Centre, Learning Resource Centre, Hair and Beauty Zone and Technology Helpdesk.

Bridgwater College is located in the heart of Somerset, with main centres in Bridgwater and Cannington. It also has outreach centres in Bridgwater (Angel Place), Lufton near Yeovil and Paignton Zoo.

Chỗ ở

Living in on-site accommodation is a brilliant way of meeting new friends and gaining confidence and independence. For the majority of our students this will be their first time away from home and we will therefore make every effort to support students in their transition and make their experience as easy as possible.

Any student studying full-time has the opportunity to apply for accommodation. Priority is given to students who study a land-based subject, other specialised courses, those who live outside a 15 mile radius of the campus and higher education students.

The on-site accommodation comprises 116 rooms, the majority of which are single but we do also have a limited amount of shared accommodation available. Rooms are situated across our Cannington Centre. Students are housed dependant on their age and whether they are studying further or higher education; both catered and self-catering options are available for Over 18 students. For Under 18 students, accommodation costs include a meal card.

Dartmoor Hall

The new accommodation block was completed and ready for use in September 2014 for full-time students studying at the College. Over 18s in further and higher education can stay there seven days a week, even during half term, and will have the option of a meal card for use in the on-site restaurant from Monday to Friday.

Dartmoor Hall consists of 25 bedrooms, all en-suite with queen-sized beds, a desk study area, and wardrobe and drawer space. There will also be a large communal area with a wide-screen TV, as well as a dining area and full catering facilities. Free Wi-fi is available throughout the building which also includes locker rooms, a changing area, laundry room, bike storage and free on-site parking.

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